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All comments were received by email and are posted here with permission from the senders.
I had the privilege of being in two message circles where I received a message through you. I was very surprised by how accurate the information was and stunned by the information you received. Much of the information you received is known by only a select few. It was a bit overwhelming. I have many emotional scars and wounds that I thought would never heal. After the first session, I immediately felt emotionally drained for about a week, but during that time I was starting to heal emotionally. I don't know how, but the scars and wounds started to heal. I feel such relief!! I have been carrying around a great burden for over 20 years and now that burden is lifting. I believe I may even have forgiven. Thank you so much for your gift. I hope others can benefit from a reading.
Laurie B.
Seattle , WA

Dear Dennis & Alice,
I am sure you have heard that before but let me tell you how much you have touched my soul. I attended your circle in Las Vegas in June 2002. The entire time you were feeling, seeing and hearing things, I felt you come to me. Over and over again you looked at, no through, me. Not once did I get a reading, and I feel that is because I was not in any need of a message. I was just there for the experience. People in front of me, next to me and behind me got the messages they needed to hear, and just to be a part of that was wonderful. I also bought your book while I was there. I put off reading it until a couple of days ago. I started reading the book and for 4 hours I was in a trance of sorts. Anyhow, Your book has opened a “new me”. Thank you for making me aware of the fact that life is here for a reason and not just a bunch of random acts that mean nothing. (Of course I am hoping that my "twin soul" is here in this time and in reachable space!)  Keep up the good work! You are touching the souls of those of us that are willing to be touched. I am so glad I am experiencing this! Thank you for becoming a part of my life…I know I keep saying it, but THANKS!!
Las Vegas
Dear Dennis,
I went to one of your seminars out here in Vegas. I had lost my fiancé just a couple of months before. You brought him through to me with a message, and you also asked me if I was pregnant and I said yes, I was 4 months pregnant. You then told me about a female friend of my fiancé that had died about 5 years before him. I knew what you were talking about, and you then told me that I was going to have a girl and it was my fiance’s friend who passed before him. Well I am now 8 months pregnant and 100% sure that I'm having a girl. It has been confirmed in every ultrasound I have had. I just want you to know that I thank you with all of my heart. You really helped me. I admit it is still very hard to go through life without him, but you opened up my mind and heart and let me know that he is still around, and I thank you for that!! I go to bed every night talking to him and praying for him to visit me. I don't know how to communicate with him like you do, but I do know that he hears me. So I will just keep praying to him until he does visit me, or sends a message to me directly from him. Because you have helped restore my faith and I believe that when he is ready or when he thinks that I am ready he will visit me. I have learned from you to just keep my faith and believe. I just want to say thank you for opening my heart and helping me restore my faith.  So thank you!!!!!!!   May God bless you and Alice in life and may He bring you two all the happiness you guys have brought to so many lives. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.
Nicky T.
Las Vegas , NV
Your website is very informative. I am a large skeptic, however, and would not have given it much credibility had I not experienced such an amazing personal reading from Dennis and Alice last week at a gathering, along with many others there. Not one person there could have possibly known the information Dennis brought thru to me. It was 35 years ago and even I had not thought of the event for many years.  I had come seeking comfort at the loss of my mother; it too, was also received that evening. I want to thank you both again for taking the time to share your gift with others.
Gail B.
Lake Stevens, WA
You both are so awesome.I tell everybody about both of you. My whole family loves both of you. Many of them have had readings with you. I always knew you would be successful.I will never forget the night you told my son that his dad was coming thru. His dad that had passed on said to tell him he had already met his daughter and Happy Birthday. That time my son's girlfriend was pregnant and they were not even sure if the baby was my son's. But he loved her and stayed with her not knowing if the baby was his. After Dennis telling my son that night what his dad said and asking him if it was my son's birthday. He said no, but 45 minutes later that night, he was called and told the baby was born. It was a girl and it was my son's.S he looks exactly like him.
My daughter and stepdaughter were best friends and grew up together being same age.The same father as my son that passed away came thru.The girls used to pretend they had a radio show and would put it on cassette tapes and entertain the family with their radio show.The called their radio show the Triple AAA show. When they went for a reading from Dennis, he said your dad is talking about a triple A show. They knew for sure it was their dad coming thru because they prayed and said to him if it is you coming thru we will know if you talk about our Triple AAA show. Nobody else could of known that. You are amazing.Thank you so much for sharing  your gift, Dennis & Alice.Y ou have restored the faith of so many people.
I love you both and hope to see you again soon.I pray the new year brings all the goodness you have given others back to you both ten fold.
Bless your hearts.
Pam Dowd
Everett, WA

Dear Dennis and Alice,
I was a part of your audience on June 6th in Everett, WA.  It was the very first experience with “messages” I’ve ever had.  I was awed and amazed.  I’m still uncertain of what actually happened!  Can there REALLY be an Other Side after our death???  You’ve instilled an “eye-opening” I never dreamed possible. Dennis was so correct with his message from my mother, Lola, and although it was not I that was depressed, it had been my mother’s burden for many, many years.  My cousin Larry also said “hello” and wanted to play “hide and seek” again (we played “hide and seek as children).  I hadn’t thought of Larry for a long time.  As soon as I arrived home (Alabama), I phoned Larry’s parents in Milwaukee and passed on his message. I found you both very personable and pleasant and I enjoyed the experience greatly. Again, thank you both very much for the eye-opening experience of my life.
Linda LePak
Toney, Alabama

I can't tell you how much your reading meant to me.  It was the clarification that I needed in order to stay "grounded" during these times of confusion.  Last night was the best sleep I've had in MONTHS.
Thank you Alice and Dennis,
Mimi T
I just wanted to say how nice it was to meet you while you were here in Las Vegas (June, 2002). I went to (the public event) because a friend told me it would help me to understand grief and the Other Side more. I also pretty much went out of curiosity and skepticism. I definitely came away a believer.  Tuesday evening was very informative and touching. I didn't get anyone coming through. Friday was so insightful and emotional when you helped so many people. Again I didn't get a reading, but I figured it wasn't my time to receive one.  As I was getting ready to leave for home after the evening was over, Dennis said he needed to talk to me…my father was coming through. Great, that was probably the last person in my family I would have wanted to hear from, we didn't get along too well. Then he totally blew me away when he said, "Who's Robert?" That's my husband, he just passed away on March 11, 2002, and I have had an almost impossible time of trying to go on without him.  I have wanted to know he was alright now and out of pain, and Dennis confirmed this.  He may have also saved at least a small part of my sanity in doing so. I really didn't expect to hear anything, but I am forever in your debt for bringing him through to me. He was my life and I miss him more than I can ever say. Thank you so much!  I think Bob waited until the evening was over, because I hate crowds and have a terrible "stage fright" if there are more than three or four people around and he knew that.  It was very difficult for me to even be there with so many people around, but I HAD to be there.  I don't know why, but I had this feeling that I had to be there, no matter what. You will never know how much you have given me.  Thank you with all my heart!
Las Vegas
My family and I were read by Dennis in Las Vegas on Friday, June 28, 2002 in the first session of the “Circle”.  My grandmother Selma,  my husband’s grandpa, and also my ex-boyfriend James [came through].  Very good.  You hit everything and I mean everything was perfect on the nose.  I just really wanted to thank you. Those where the people I was having difficulty dealing with their deaths.
Monica Kimball
Las Vegas
Dear Alice,
Just had to write and say thank you both for coming to Vegas. My daughter and I were at your show last night (June 28, 2002) and I think you both are wonderful. No, I didn't get a reading but I really wasn't expecting one. My daughter did towards the end of the last session -- she was the one with the "purple stuffed animal". And you were drawing with purple. A couple of times when Dennis would say something to someone and they would have a blank look on their face -- sometimes those things meant something to me. He mentioned yellow roses; well, that was the only flower that I ever gave my mom after she passed. I planted a dozen rose bushes for her. Just little things like that, so in a way I did feel connected.
Hope to see you soon again, take care, and God Bless both of you.
Gail Dixon
Las Vegas
In December, Dennis said I would get pregnant with a female energy that had tried to come to me before. He said it would be a total surprise.  Well, it was/is. There is no way on paper/lab results I should be able to get pregnant, and yet here I am.  I am 24 days pregnant.
Las Vegas


Dear Alice & Dennis,
I'd like to thank Dennis again for his reading last night during the Circle. You may be accustomed to being so accurate in your readings but I am amazed how much so it was. To be brief, someone who passed was insisting you warn me about my husband Rob's smoking. You mentioned Rob's connection to his sister, Mary.  Also someone was coming through with a similar name to Rob. I didn't get it during the reading & could only think of a passed uncle in my family. Later when I told Rob about the reading, it "hit me in the head". The person coming through was Bob, Mary's father and Rob's stepfather. Duh.  He was just the kind of person who would insist the way you were indicating.  I believe my husband was affected by this message in a way nothing else could have. Thanks again.
I would like to say thank you. The reading was great, and it makes me feel like a different person. What I needed to hear was there. There was something that came to me after the reading, and it was a lightbulb that clicked on and said, "HEY, I understand that now.”
I would like to come see you, when you are down in South Florida. You will never know how much you have cleared my mind, heart and just I feel it is OKAY, for me to be happy and not live in the past. Thank you...god Bless.
Sheri S.
South Florida

On June 12 my mother passed away.  It was a shock, sadness, and a blessing all in one.  I want to tell you though that the reading I had at the conference helped me so much.  I cannot tell you how much at peace I am and have been since then.  It was such a healing for me.  It has been 13 years of pain. The last year and a half have been the worst. The projection of losing her and now knowing if she was in pain or not was my worst nightmare.
I can only say thank you and that seems to be so little for what you did for me. Thank you a million times. You are truly blessed.

I want to thank you for my reading. I believe that the reading has helped with my healing process and has also brought some closure to many questions I had in reference to exactly what happened in the last few minutes before my husband crossed over.
Miami, FL