It's all about F.R.E.D. ~ Finding Relief Eliminating Disease


It's all about F.R.E.D. ~ Finding Relief Eliminating Disease



It's all about F.R.E.D. ~ Finding Relief Eliminating Disease
This meditation was created for our dear friend, Fred Holland. When Fred was diagnosed with colorectal cancer in July 2010, he asked if I would create a self-healing meditation for him to listen to while getting his chemotherapy treatments. I was honored and quickly agreed.

Going into my own meditation, I asked for guidance to create a healing meditation for our friend. I asked those on the Other Side to guide me and to co-create with me the best self-healing meditation for cancer or any other illness that might be set upon our bodies. What was given to me is what I feel is a most incredible self-healing meditation, and the response has been phenomenal.

It is our pleasure to gift this to all of you who are also seeking help and healing energy ~ for yourself or for a loved one. Please feel free to download this half-hour meditation for your own use, and we encourage you to share it with anyone you believe will benefit from such meditation.

The Story Behind The Name

 I chose the name for this meditation before the meaning of the letters became clear. Fred and his wife Margaret have been dear friends of ours since we first met in 2000. So when we were planning our wedding in 1996, we asked Fred to do us the honor of officiating the ceremony. He is very metaphysical and it meant the world to us having a close friend officiate at our wedding. To be "official" he became an internet minister. During his process of writing and creating his speech for the wedding, he was so concerned about how he would do, we all laughed and joked that it was "all about Fred" and not the ceremony at all. That lightened the mood and Fred created a beautiful wedding ceremony for us. 

Upon my realization that this meditation was, in fact ,"All About FRED" the anagram “Finding Relief Eliminating Disease” was channeled and I knew this was for not just for Fred, but for everyone. I was specifically told by my guides to share this healing meditation with the world.  

This meditation is not available for sale anywhere….it must be given away for free. There is one request: we ask when you gift it to someone, be sure to let them know they can also pay it forward in MP3 format or by burning it onto a CD. Please let them know the source of this meditation and that it was gifted by Dennis and Alice Jackson of Messages From Beyond®.

Thank you and we wish you well.

~ Dennis .

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