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Just a few of the many glowing reviews we have received...more will be posted as we continue to receive them.

I had a really good time tonight. It is something that I would like to do again. I think for the first night it went wonderful. You asked for suggestions, and I have one, if that is okay. It would be nice is everyone was allowed to ask one QUICK question at the end. I am sure I wasn't the only one that had a question, but I didn't want to speak over anyone. But I loved tonight. Thank you for allowing me to be a part of it.
Cheri (Virginia) (July 2009)
I think we all received wonderful confirmations. What a gift. I just talked to a friend in Texas who said the motorcycle that was wrapped around the tree was blue (as the reading stated). He had always ridden a green one and I did not know about the blue one. Very interesting. You were spot on, mate!! Thank you.
Phoenix (Colorado) (July 2009)
Dear Alice and Dennis,
It was very exciting to receive a reading Friday night. Every piece of information was accurate and reassuring. The MP3 download came through clear and easy to understand as did the Pdf file of Alice’s drawing. It was wonderful to have this information so quickly so I could share it with others.
On Saturday, my husband, Wayne listened to the section about me and my sister Wendy, who was also a part of the circle. It was no mistake two pieces of information pertained directly to him: the toilet that needs repair in our home and the “burnt toast episode”. I watched his face as he listened and he was positively impacted and affected by the accuracy of the reading. He still responds with, “I don’t understand how this all works, but I can’t deny its truth and accuracy”. I pointed out I had never met or spoken to Dennis ever. I even mentioned how skeptics like to use the tact of “supposed psychics do cold readings on people, observing their appearance and body language to know what to say to sound authentic”. Since Dennis could not see any of us over the phone, that eliminated that possibility. Wayne agreed and it allowed me to add one more flower to the bouquet of validation of the next phase of life that Dennis’ reading offered.
My sister Wendy is more reserved and quiet (unlike me) but I spoke to her after the reading. She was thrilled, comforted and very grateful for the information and reassurance she received. I thank you Dennis, for the “bonus” reading by answering my question at the end. I hesitated to ask but guides urged me to and you can’t imagine how much that information helped Wendy.
I have been comfortable communicating with those on the “Other Side” for some time now. But even for me, Dennis’ reading was very reaffirming life does go on, our loved ones who have moved on from this physical existence can and do know about our lives and circumstances and they are clearly safe, happy and in a better place than we are.
The Tele-circle is fantastic. You can make yourselves available to so many more people. The readings are extremely validating having to rely on hearing alone. It is human nature to be most interested in “my turn”. With six people in a phone session, there’s less wait time and more likelihood of people staying focused and benefiting from other’s readings before and after their own.
You have certainly done a great job of organizing the tele-circle to make it as clear and reassuring and simple as possible.
Nancy (Las Vegas)
I still can't believe how amazing your circle was. I truly loved the circle and was very happy with my communication. I will continue to tell my friends.
Thanks so much.
Patti (Calif.) (July 2009)

I loved the original art work. My reading was excellent. You are absolutely right on. One of the reasons my husband had such a hard time leaving was that he was worried about me -- he was so afraid I couldn't make it without him. So I told him that same God he was going to would be with me to help me and that I would be alright. You had no way of knowing that or that I had changed to sleeping on his side of the bed. I had to take care of our property in Arizona for five years before I could sell it and move back to California, so he was thanking me for taking care of all of that and surviving the desert experience. My father had wanted me to take care of him even when I got to sick and he was upset with me on this side when I had to put him in an assisted living facility because of my own health. Again you didn't know that. My mother was a master pie baker. She once baked two pies in 30 minutes for our minister (from scratch to finish) while I had the youth group at my house. I don't bake pies -- I would eat them. Again, this is something you didn't know. I called [my friend] to share my information with her -- she was delighted of course. So we will be calling back again together this time.
Carol (Bay Area, CA) (July 2009)