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Welcome to Messages From Beyond Online Store

Welcome to our Online Store!  Please register as a “customer”, where your contact info will be safely protected and will not be shared with any third party lists.

Meditations in MP3 format are only $1 each, will be downloaded to your computer immediately. Read through the list to see a description of each meditation.  Samplings of each are available on our website’s Meditation page (not within the store).

Readings and Tele-Circles. You may safely pay for private readings through PayPal, reserve and pay for your space in Tele-Circles, or reserve your own private Tele-Circle or Messages From Beyond® private group event. After purchasing a reading or event, Alice will contact you to schedule your session date and time. Upon confirmation of payment, you will be provided with the conference telephone number and code to use at the time of your reading or Tele-Circle.

Tele-Circles are limited to 6 people per event, and are posted with available dates. Once a Tele-Circle is filled, you will not be able to place it into your cart.  Check the list for other available dates and reserve your spot as soon as possible. If you are paying for another person, you may purchase as many spots as are available.
If you would like to schedule private events to host in your home, contact Alice to arrange the date and discuss travel arrangements, if any are needed.  Private Tele-Circles can also be scheduled, and paid for using PayPal through the store. 
For those who would prefer to pay by phone instead of PayPal (for purchases other than meditations), contact Alice directly.  Meditation MP3 sales must be completed through the store.

Books must still be purchased through Amazon.com, and the links on our "Where To Get It" page will take you there.

To contact Alice, call 877-595-4112 (Pacific Time) or email alice@messagesfrombeyond.com  
Be sure to include your name and phone number in your email.

Special Offers

There are no special offer products to list.
  • Creating Abundance Meditation MP3
  • Decision Making Meditation MP3
  • Twin Souls Meditation MP3
  • Connecting With Your Higher Self Meditation MP3
  • Loved Ones Meditation MP3
  • Total Relaxation Meditation MP3
  • Enhance Your Psychic and Intuitive Ability Meditation MP3
  • Guided Visualization Meditation MP3
  • Akashic Records Meditation MP3
  • F.R.E.D. Meditation MP3
  • Meet Your Angels and Spirit Guides Meditation MP3
  • Raising Your Souls Vibrations Meditation MP3
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