Akashic Records Meditation mp3

Akashic Records Meditation mp3
Akashic Records Meditation mp3
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Akashic Records is a term denoting a collection of knowledge encoded in a non-physical plane of existence. These individual records are known to contain all knowledge, including your human experiences, and are stored on scrolls in the 'Mind of God'. Your personal Akashic Records are constantly updated as you continue to experience life and all there is in your existence.

This meditation takes you on a guided visualization to where the scrolls are stored, and where you are able to view your own records. It is normal to have blank, clouded, or blacked-out entries because as humans, we are not supposed to see all that is recorded while the events are still being created and not yet experienced. However, your psychic ability will allow you to have peeks through the veil, so be open to whatever comes through in each meditation session.

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