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All comments were received by email and are posted here with permission from the senders.
To anyone who is grieving over the loss of a loved one, especially a child:
On May 5th, 2001, my wonderful 14-year old daughter was killed by a train.  The terrible irony is that, for more than 30 years, I have helped other families cope with illness, death and grief.  I am a nurse and PH.D. – a prepared Family Psychotherapist specializing in grief and loss.
I was called to the scene of my daughter’s accident quickly and tried desperately to save my daughter.  I was not successful.  For 3 months, I wanted nothing more than to kill myself and had 5 "fool proof" suicide plans.  As a scientist, I didn't believe in the ability to communicate with the dead.  Then I met a couple that changed my life and my belief system.
Dennis and Alice Jackson are the best allies any person can have when coping with grief and loss.  They are Twin Soul Psychic Mediums using twin soul energy.  They are simply amazing.  There is no doubt in my scientific mind that they bring messages to me from my daughter.  Uncountable times since I have come to know them, when I am terribly depressed, they will call me, out of the blue, from all over the country.  They tell me that my daughter, Kat, contacted them with instructions to call me and give me a message from her.  The message is always accurate about the incident that touched off my grieving, and is incredibly comforting.  I could give you many examples of their accuracy and compassion.  (By the way, they have never charged me for these spontaneous messages!)
They have done TV, radio and live events for years.  They are incredibly gentle and most importantly, they can communicate with people that have died.  Believe me, I was more than a skeptic when I began this journey.  I did everything I could to figure out how Dennis and Alice do what they do so well.  It is true and honest, and important to be able to share their gifts with other grieving people.
Robin B. Thomas, R.N., P.N.P., Ph.D.
Individual, Couple and Family Therapy
Seattle, WA
MFB note: "Robin's Story" is featured on YouTube. Click on the YouTube link below to view her 6-part show filmed for TV.
MFB: Robin's story will be featured in our book, Life is an Illusion ~ Loving Messages From Beyond®
Unbelievable Reading From You!
Dennis, I had a reading from you a few months back and I remember I was disappointed because it wasn't what I was hoping to hear. But, the past few days something inside of me has been telling me to listen to our conversation again.
So I did this morning. And Holy Cow! I just recently met someone really special and you had not only "predicted" how we would meet but you had given me his name in the conversation and I blew it off thinking that no one can possibly know the name. Well when I met this man I didn't even remember that you had already told me about him, let alone given me his first name, which is NOT a common name.
It's amazing because after you sent me the tape I listened to it maybe once and then put it away, and after I met Peter something inside of me kept telling me to find that tape and sure enough it had valuable info on it.
Anyway, I want to express to you my thanks and appreciation. I would like to speak with you again. Now that this man is in my life, I want to know more. Weird the way our intuitive senses work. I'm ready for another reading...I'll listen now. Thanks.
AZ (2001)
MFB Note: Britta & Peter married not long after their relationship began, and now have 3 beautiful children.

"After reading of others’ experiences over the years, Dennis was my first encounter with a psychic/medium. I was not disappointed!  With his insight and vision, he relieved my son of a heavy burden he had been carrying for over two years dealing with his father’s death.  My son called in on a radio program to prove Dennis a “fake” and was overwhelmed with the information given him.  He was so impressed, that he attended the book signing/reading session the next day taking with him his wife and brother. Four members of our family met that evening with Dennis and Alice at my son’s home for a reading.  He brought information to each of us of which he could not have possibly had prior knowledge.  The session lasted from 11 p.m. to 2:30 a.m.  Not many would be so concerned about someone they had just met to be willing to put in those hours.  They both felt their help was needed, and it was gratefully received. A door has been opened to discussions and a closer relationship with my son about some of my readings, experiences with past life regressions, out of body experiences, etc.   This would not have happened without our having met Dennis and Alice.

Dennis and Alice are a warm, caring, delightful couple. My reading of their book,Together Again: Twin Souls Reunite in Love and Lifewas even more meaningful having spent the time with them.  Their “journey” toward meeting each other has given me insight into my own life and into decisions, which I have needed to make.  I look forward to their next book and a continued friendship with both of them."
M. Stout, Retired Professor - Lewis-Clark State College
Lewiston, Idaho (2000)
MFB: The Stouts' full story, as told by mother and son, will be featured in our book, Life is an Illusion ~ Loving Messages From Beyond®
My mother has been attending readings given by you as well as some of your classes. You have made such an impact on Mom. I want to thank you for that. She can be a bit of a nervous wreck at times and since Dad died, she's not had that steadying influence that he provided...until she met the two of you. Some day I hope to make it back to Washington and actually attend a reading and a workshop. I have to admit that it makes me jealous when my brother and mother talk about their experiences. Thanks for the work that you do.
Virginia  C.

I want to tell you how much your reading meant to me.  Your website was very helpful in making my decision to have a private reading on the phone.  The information provided to describe what I could/would experience is exactly what Dennis was able to do for me.  AMAZING! I feel so much better and any doubt I may have had has been erased.  Of course it has opened the door to so many more questions to include my own reincarnation.  Suffice it to say, I will be scheduling another session soon and actually look at my list of questions.  I was simply so overwhelmed by what you told me....  I know people must tell you all the time how you help their grief but please accept my gratitude in sharing your gift with me.

Just a note thanking you for another amazing reading. I was very intrigued by the messages that came through for me. I am always especially amazed at how you manage to tell me stuff that is already beginning to unfold. You may remember that last February I went into a tailspin as in a reading in early January you had said my Twin and I would be together in about 6 months, but instead my Twin suddenly closed off communication with me. I e-mailed a frantic message to you asking what happened and if I should have another reading and you wrote back the kindest message…you said:
'This is just another step in the process. No, you don't need another reading because the same things would come through. Just have patience that you have always had and move forward. Everything is fine and is working as the universe and "you" planned it. Take care...and remember... breathe in, breathe out and keep repeating...(that was my attempt at lightness) but most importantly...be patient. -- Dennis'.
There are such powerful forces at work here. And you, Dennis, are among them. Thank you, Dennis, from the bottom of my broken-but-mending heart. I will call on you again, I'm sure. (I have to keep you posted, at least!) Meanwhile, I will think about your and Alice's fine words of guidance as I move on my path. I will keep my Twin Soul DREAM alive, I will remember it is all unfolding perfectly as the Universe and I intended. As you advised, I will try my best to learn more, love myself, and then to send that same love outward to all the players in this incredible drama. Thank you for sharing your gifts. You are amazing!
New York

I have so many times wanted to sit down and tell you of my experience with you and what it has done for my life. When I first called Alice after calling every metaphysical bookstore in the yellow pages in my town, I was petrified, scared, and grieving because I had strange things happen. My angels fell on the floor as I walked by them and didn’t break. Not being a spiritual person as I am now, but more religious in training from the way I was brought up, I did not believe any of what was going to happen that night [of my phone reading]. My thoughts being a Virgo were not too trusting, but within 10 minutes after the call began, I unbelievably could not dispute what happened and how true everything told to me was.
Having lost my partner of 23 years, I wanted to take my life, but God had brought me a dog a year before, which I love very much, and I could not take my life as my partner and I had planned, if anything happened to one of us. But needless to say in the hour I spent with you, and you suggesting that I read Conversations with God, by Neale Walsh, my life has changed. It is not all roses, but I face each day with trust that God has a plan for me. You, Dennis, told me in my reading I was going to meet many spiritual people in the next few years and I did. Each person was wonderful and helped me though my grieving; each had something they wanted to teach me; I picked and chose what I wanted.
[It’s been more than 3 years, and] I am now a Reiki Healer, just a practitioner, and happy to stay this way. I help people who cross my path in my life and are suffering, either mind, body, and spirit, for no money at all. My Reiki Master, who is an inspirational force in my life, helped me heal through the grieving for free and would not charge me, but I in my many ways have paid her energy back with my love and gifts in life. She felt the energy I had that I had misinterpreted to be circulation problems in my hands. She tested me and taught me Reiki, now I share her training and God's gift to me with anyone who needs it.
Where I am going with my life, I do not know. Many times I so badly wanted to call you, even at the Spirit circle I attended and met you and Alice, I wanted to say thank you. Thank you both for all you have done for everyone, especially me.
Ron Rucci
Miami, FL

I'd first like to thank you for giving me Nelly's phone #. She is not only a wonderful psychic but a beautiful person. I feel so blessed to have had my life touched by both of you. I was actually going to e-mail you the very day you did my reading because what I thought was the most unusual thing happened that very day. About an hour after talking to you, I looked down at my watch and the clock had stopped at exactly the time I had called you. If that weren't weird enough, that very morning before putting on my watch (which happens to be the same watch I wear everyday) I looked at it and said to myself, 'Ah my trusty old watch you've never failed me yet!'  I don't make a habit of changing the date on it when there is a time change so I guess any conclusion would amount to a reasonable one, but the time said Wed. 3rd which happens to have been my birthdate in May. The first thing that came to my mind was 'could this day be a rebirth for me of some kind?' But I said, 'I'm not going to bother Dennis with this…he must hear this kind of stuff all the time. The terrific thing is that a few days later I went to see Nelly, and almost verbatim she gave me the very same reading you had. Of course I don't expect you to remember me but you and Nelly both kept insisting that you saw me with a male child, and I basically told you both that it was impossible because my better half had been treated for prostate cancer and it would be impossible for him to get me pregnant.  My exact words to you as I heard on the tape the other night were, 'it would have to be a miracle.' Well to make a long story short, two weeks have gone by since your reading and I just found out today that I'm in fact pregnant. This comes at a bit of a questionable time considering, he is still married but as I'm sure the rest of your prophecy will reveal that their situation will take care of itself in due time.
Dennis I can't tell you what the knowledge you and your guides have shared with me has brought me in faith and comfort through this time. Thank you for your words and for the understanding that everything will fall into place. I don't know if I would be taking this news as joyously as I am had I not known the things you told me. I can't thank you enough.
Miami, FL
MFB note:  Nelly is a psychic that Alice talks about in Together Again: Twin Souls Reunite in Love and Life.  Before meeting Dennis, Alice had readings by Nelly.  When they first met, Dennis & Nelly immediately recognized each other and discovered they were brother & sister in a past life. It was an incredibly emotional reunion! Dennis & Alice still stay in touch with Nelly, and they exchange readings for each other!
MFB note: The following letter came from a woman who scheduled a reading for herself, but brought her husband along to sit in. To her disappointment at the time, much of the information that came through was for the husband from his relatives…people she did not know. After her reading, she emailed us to express her feelings about the reading. This was her reply to Alice’s response.

Dear Alice,
Your letter did help very much. I plan on buying your 1st book to get more of an insight on all of this. I was thrilled that (my husband) got a message from his father. He never got along very well with his father and it did him a lot of good to hear what he had to say. Dennis was right on with his message.  After time, I have come to realize that although I did not hear exactly the things that I wanted to hear, I did hear some pretty amazing things and need to just let myself believe them. I appreciate you taking the time to answer my email. Thanks again,
Seattle, WA

When I went to your seminar here in the Springs, a person came thru that I used to go out with and he got hit on his motorcycle. I was a little scared to say something at the time. I want to thank you…it had been a very long time since this happened. He was my first love!
Thank you again.
Shari B.
Colorado Springs, CO

Of course you can use my story!! I may have missed the whole thing had it not been for both of you sharing your knowledge and using your gifts to enlighten me. You have both touched my heart deeply and forever set my soul free. Truly.
I really want to express my gratitude for the wonderful reading and information you shared. I also want to share a little gift (I think!) that was sent to me today. This is the 3rd anniversary of my father's passing (Sept. 14). I was cleaning a long neglected shelf this morning and when I removed my recipe file, low and behold there was a little pile of pennies & a child's magnet letter "N" placed next to the pennies. Now, I am not EVER in the habit of hiding pennies and these were fairly "neatly" placed. Also, the magnet...how did that get there? The shelf I was cleaning was just above my father's remains (placed on the floor in a beautiful carved box next to my mother's remains with a picture of them between the two). My father's name is Norman (hence the "N") and there were eight pennies. I immediately knew they were from him...no doubt in my soul. Cool huh??
My day has been filled with wonderful memories and more messages than you could believe!  I now understand that Daddy was just gently reminding me to "watch my pennies" and the number eight was his way of giving me a "to boot". My birthday is the 7th, I received my reading on the 7th at 7:00, etc. and Dad gave me 7 with 1 for a "to boot". Kinda of like one to grow on!! He gifted me with a several songs today, too. My tears today are tears of joy for I know he is with me still...and is only as far away as a thought...and still my Hero!
Alice...when I received my reading you received the name of "George" and I did not remember one. Guess what??  Yup...he was mine! I just forgot (I never knew him...but my father talked of him often and I have a couple of things he made (he worked with metal) that have been passed down in the family. You see....you were right on! (I bet you are most of the time and still do not have the confidence in yourself) Now I am very curious as to what he might have had to say to me!! Next time I have a reading I am going to hold on to any name you receive for me and just rack my brain a little harder...I promise!
Oh yes...please share my story...as this has been way cool! More to come I am sure.  It has been a "father/daughter" day like no other!
Blessings to you both. I look forward to seeing you both again. Soon I pray!
Heather D.
Arlington, WA

I definitely want to remain on your mailing list.  The two of you were quite an inspiration for me and I would not want to lose touch. 
Milwaukee, WI

The reading was perfect!  I was feeling really down and helpless.  The words from the Other Side were just what I needed to hear, at, what I suspect is, the perfect time for me to hear them.
Colorado Springs, CO

Ever since your reading and the series of events that followed, I have been blown away by your accuracy. I took the time to go to your website, and read parts of your page about you and Alice, and your soul mates book parts...I cried and cried...because the way you described things, is EXACTLY how I feel about a certain person. Thank you both.

So many things that you have told me in past readings have come to pass. Names that you have mentioned that had no meaning at the time now have meaning.

I want to let you know that some of the loose strings that I couldn't account for during the reading have come to make sense over the weeks. I've recommended you to many, and I will speak to you again. Please let me know when and if you come to my area!
New Jersey

I want to thank you for the great reading you gave me.  So much of what you said spoke to me and I have been pondering it on the tape ever since.
Mary Lee
New York
I had a telephone reading with Dennis in December. Since that time many things have become clear. My husband came through and said, "take care of the tree".  Dennis thought it was a fruit tree. It had things hanging from it. We have a cottonwood tree that has long purple blossoms/seeds hanging from it in the spring. He always worried about branches falling on the house and kept saying we need to get it trimmed. One had already fallen on the deck and another in the driveway from the wind. I will take care of the tree. He also said he hated to get rid of the blue car which he traded in on my car just before he died. I know how he loved that car. He said there was a lot of noise in the house. He couldn't hear well when he was here so now the radio and TV are loud to him. My brother, father, and grandfather also came through. It was nice to hear from all of them and that they are doing o.k.  My brother had a former girlfriend, Juanita, and Dennis mentioned that. He also said there was a female name like Sherry or an erry sound. My daughter-in-law is Mary and my granddaughter is Keri. I completely missed the "female" until I got the CD so thought it was my brother, Larry. Thank you for bringing all these messages to me.

Thanks so much for your love and support that just comes pouring through when we connect.

Dear Dennis and Alice,
I wanted to thank you for my reading on March 1st.  I'm feeling better now.  My reading was very helpful…Dennis you were right about someone in my family coming from Royalty.  My grandmother's father was a Baron, that's the only thing my mom knows…Thank you for your help. My reading gave me inspiration in my life to continue on the path I am on.

Just some feedback....
My uncle's middle initial was "H" for Herbert.  He flew as a gunner during WWII on many missions.  You asked me about "H" and "8".  He was in the 8th Air Force division.  He also became a pilot as was my grandfather who was an instructor.  I had to call my mom (his sister) to get this information.  She is really the only one who would know the details about my uncle.  She was quite interested in my reading.  It certainly went a direction that surprised me.  :-)

I had to tell you - my friend finally listened to the CD and Dennis named her new boyfriend and that the boyfriend had 2 children (which I didn't know at the time of the reading). So let him know he was right on the money with that one! Thanks for all you do!
Washington , DC

Dear Dennis,
You may not remember me but my daughter, my daughter in law, and I had a reading with you here in Las Vegas . My son had been killed in a car accident in Feb. and the message that came through from him about the stuck accelerator and him looking up and it was too late really explained a lot.  We couldn't believe that he had fallen asleep behind the wheel.
He also gave a prediction to watch for the popping or exploding light bulb.  Well, about 2 weeks after the reading, his wife Nicole and their youngest daughter and my son's friend were in the mall at the food court at Panda Express where my son always liked to eat in the mall.  Nicole was right in front of the counter when the long fluorescent bulb under the counter display exploded.  Glass shattered all over the floor.  She turned to my son's friend and said "Oh my God, that's Hoke".
Also in your reading my younger sister came through.  She died in 1985.  You mentioned you saw her with coins particularly a "buffalo nickel".  I didn't think of this until we left your room, but after she died her husband gave me her jewelry box.  I went home and opened it and there were several coins and among them a "buffalo nickel".
Also you said my sister kept motioning her chest and you asked if she had breast cancer.  I said no and you told me she needed to hear me say something.  You thought there might have been some emotional distance between us.  I now know what she needed to hear me say.  It was "bra".  That was her nickname for me and probably why she was motioning her breast.
Anyway I just wanted to let you know these things.  These messages gave me such a feeling of peace and answered the questions about my son’s accident.
Barbara F.
Las Vegas , NV

Dear Alice,
Thank you.  I think for the first time in a long time (or possibly ever) I'm totally at peace with my life.  I think both [my husband] and I felt like it was a special day.  That's the only way to describe it. I'm happy that you're sitting in on the readings now.  Your input adds a lot to the experience.  You and Dennis are very special and complement each other perfectly.  Thanks again for the special day!"
Dana (2000)

I can't tell you how much your reading meant to me.  It was the clarification that I needed in order to stay "grounded" during these times of confusion.  Last night was the best sleep I've had in MONTHS.
Thank you, Alice and Dennis.
Mimi T

I wanted to thank you for our session, I must admit I was a bit hesitant on having it, not because I don't believe, but because there might have been some bad news.  I must say I have this feeling that I should learn more about what you and Alice talk about in your book...which I can't put down. Some of the things you write about really have me on a search to learn more. I'm not really sure why...but I know it will come to me. Again thank you so much for your enlightenment...it has really helped me focus on more important things such as FAITH AND LOVE.  You've truly made a difference in how I am beginning to look at my life…even knowing there's still much for me to do.  Thanks again.
Dear Dennis & Alice,
I wish to thank you very much for the incredible information which you relayed to me today.  It is extremely helpful and appreciated. God Bless you both in your good work!

Alice and Dennis,
Thank you for arranging my reading. As always, it is a blessing to have met you both and to have the opportunity to receive clear and integrated information. Thank you soooooo much, both of you.
Connie L.
I would like to say thank you. The reading was great, and it makes me feel like a different person. What I needed to hear was there. There was something that came to me after the reading, and it was a lightbulb that clicked on and said, "HEY, I understand that now.” I would like to come see you, when you are down in South Florida . You will never know how much you have cleared my mind, heart and just I feel it is OKAY, for me to be happy and not live in the past. Thank you...god Bless.
Sheri S.
South Florida

Hi Dennis and Alice!  It's me, Nicole Lytle with Sunny 106.5.  You were a guest on our morning show with me and Michael Neal.  It was around the end of December 2001 while you were visiting  Las Vegas .  I've been wanting to share with you predictions or revelations that you made that were 100% right on!
One of the things Dennis brought out that was correct was about my grandma.  She had passed away a couple of months ago and Dennis tried to reach her.  Dennis began choking while we were on the air.  Sure enough my grandma had problems with her throat when she died.  She wasn't able to eat or talk.  Dennis mentioned that she said she was with her dog.  Dennis said that the dog was a yapper or barker.  I remembered later that my grandma's dog that she loved dearly had died due to being poisoned by their neighbors because the dog barked too much.
Really amazing stuff!  I think you two are awesome.  If you are ever in the area again, please call me.  I'd love to have you back on the air with us.
Nicole Lytle
Las Vegas

I had the chance to have a reading with you both and was amazed by the messages. Thank you so much for your wonderful gift.
Miami, FL

Thank you for your guidance, from a lost person…who now has hope once again!!!

I just wanted to say thanks for the reading you did for me on the 28th of May. I received the tape and find it really has helped me.  Of all the things that stand out, your message to me that my former deceased husband is in a place of goodness, and only wishes me well provided me a paradigm shift and oddly, I have let go of my anger towards both him and my life circumstance.  This was what I prayed for before calling you…that I would find out what was blocking me from moving on with my life.  I have had therapy and felt I had closure with Bob, yet obviously I did not have enough faith to believe that he would only wish me well.  It's strange how people come into our lives for brief periods or even to share a significant portion of our life history in this world and then leave, but then don't really leave.  I am comforted to know that Bob and I continue our relationship yet still and that the good is what remains.  Thank you for this insight,

Dear Dennis,
I just wanted to thank you. I was listening to the radio this morning and you were talking to a lady whose mother had Alzheimers. You told her that she has already visited the after world.  My grandmother had Alzheimers as well and you helped shine a light on what she went through, helping to mend my heart.  You have a terrific gift and I just want you to know that I appreciate and cherish it as well as everyone else does that you come in contact with.  Again, thank you.
Las Vegas

Connecting with Stacy through Dennis
I lost the most loving person in my entire life five years ago.  He died, after a long bitter, struggle, from complications of AIDS.  The connection between Stacy and I was so strong that I know in my heart he is my twin soul.  For so long I had wanted to hear from him, because I missed his loving presence in my life.  I had always felt this void.  I have had two readings from Dennis and he was able to bring messages through that no one else could have known.  Dennis, very gently, and sincerely, told me specific details of Stacy and our life together that ranged from the power of the evening we met, to actual details of my bedside presence when he was beginning to pass.  Small details of simple jokes that Stacy and I played on each other came through with astonishing accuracy.  There was one message that I had been longing to hear for over five years.  I told no one of this need to hear this message.  With my last reading with Dennis, I received that precious gift of love when Dennis told me Stacy told him to say “Thank you for the most wonderful time in my life”.   My heart instantly began to sing, a song so beautiful, wonderful, and mysterious that I think the world stopped spinning for a few seconds.  I now realize, through Dennis, that there never was a void.  Stacy was and always will be there, right by my side.  Dennis truly has a most unique, special gift, not only to connect people with loved ones on the Other Side, but to give peace, reassurance, and facts that they do live on and take active roles in our lives here on earth.  What a beautiful thing!!
David S.
Cincinnati, Ohio

I want to thank you for my reading of Jan. 25th, I believe that the reading has helped with my healing process and has also brought some closure to many question I had in reference to exactly what happened in the last few minutes before my husband crossed over.
Miami , FL

Hi Dennis and Alice,
I wanted to tell you how tremendously significant it has been to my life that I have made contact with you two.  First, Dennis increased my spiritual understanding greatly the other day during my reading, particularly in his use of the term "the illusion of free will." It was also very helpful to me, in allaying some of the personal and existential questions and fears I have been struggling with lately, to have him support many of the things I feel myself concerning my twin soul, and to address the inevitable nature of that. In addition, I bought one of the books he recommended, "Creating Money," and one of the first things I read in it was a truly life-changing passage for me in terms of, again, some of those existential questions. I was commenting only right before being led to your book that while I subscribe to the idea that we are largely responsible for our reality, I am also greatly aware that there is Grace at work in the Universe.  Now, here in a book Dennis recommended, is a passage saying that one positive thought will cancel out many negative ones, and that our souls protect us from the harm of our negativity unless it would contribute to our higher good.
Wow! This past week and a half has been tremendous for me. Now I am re-connecting with the tremendous sense of love and joy and goodness that I have felt since I encountered my twin soul. Through my contact with you, which I felt led to, I have come out on the Other Side of this spiritual crisis I have been in lately, and I have indeed grown spiritually in knowledge and understanding."
Nashville, TN

PLEASE keep me on your mailing list. Thank you very much! Your reading continues to bring peace and I am looking forward to your next visit here.
Di B.
Clarkston , WA

Dear Dennis,
Just wanted you to know since my reading I have been getting chemotherapy. Your adamant reading that declared either do something that was not alternative or I will die was enough to get me to do the chemo. I dislike every moment of it and have had a lot of pain, but on certain levels it is putting the tumors either into remission, diminishing them or holding their own. I wanted to thank you for what you did for me, which made me do the medical treatment I am doing.
God bless you both!
Pat G.
Miami , FL

"You did a reading for me on March 13, 2000.  The insight you had into various aspects of my life really surprised me.  The most surprising thing you told me during this reading how now begun to happen…. You recommended that I read "Conversations with God" and I have now read it 7 times so far and it all makes so much perfect sense…. Strangely enough, the relationship I have wanted to find with my soul mate has over the past year become unimportant…..I have come to understand myself so much and find that it has opened me up to a completely new philosophy about life and my purpose. I will continue to follow your schedule and hope to see you again in person.  For now, I just wanted to let you know, the reading of your book "Together Again"  was the start of this quest for growth in a completely new direction for me."
Miami, FL

Dear Alice & Dennis,
I met you about 10 months ago when I had a reading with Dennis.  I have emailed Alice a couple times, and you've answered my questions.  I want to THANK YOU for both of your influences in my life. [It is my] desire and need to see more people/more lawyers like you in this world. This is where my gratitude for each of you comes in. When I saw Dennis last January, he told me that I would likely be ending a long-term relationship, and that I would do so within the next 6 months to a year. While part of me could understand why he was saying this, the larger part of me did not believe it, especially that it would happen "so soon", as we had no conscious intention or clarity about going in this direction. At the time my husband and I had been separated for 1-1/2 years but we had also been working on our marriage throughout that period. We loved each other (and continue to love each other) very much, and at the time it was inconceivable to me that we would decide to divorce, especially within a 6 month period.
But guess what? Some things started shifting in May and by June both of us had the clarity we had been longing for. This relationship has so much love in it but we also had been suffering because we were, for various reasons, having a big struggle trying to grow together in marriage. By June we recognized and acknowledged that it was time to let go. It was a difficult but very clear decision for both of us. Since then we have been grieving together and growing more than we ever imagined possible...and a lot of healing has happened in only a few months. We never imagined that we would grow together though friendship, we had only seen that possibility through marriage. But obviously this is not what the Universe had planned for us. When we were ready and willing to let go, the growth and healing started, and we are doing it together.  This, for me, is a true miracle.
It is because of Dennis' reading that I could see things from this standpoint. While his reading did not in any way cause us to move forward in this direction, it gave me a bigger picture of what was happening from the standpoint of the Universe, and with that came not only clarity, but serenity, acceptance, and the courage to move through this. The result has been a great deal of personal growth for each of us, and a solidification of our individual integrity and the integrity of our relationship.
We both believe that our time together as a married couple has been for the purpose of growth. We each stopped growing in the marriage a few years ago and now that we have decided to let go of the marriage the growth has begun once again. The good news in all of this is that we truly recognize this, and as such it is our highest intent to divorce with dignity and with the highest respect and love for one another in this process. This has been very challenging, and to be honest, the challenge has come because of what we are facing "in the system". Although it is our individual intents to put the relationship/friendship above all else, the legal system (at least the people we have dealt with) does not seem to believe it. I realize that this is because their intention is based on fear and a CYA attitude rather than love and truth.
Right now it feels like it is us against the legal world. I find this rather ironic and oddly humorous, to be honest (as well as frustrating)!  I remembered that you had been associated with an organization of holistic law. So I went on your website and found a link to IAHL, and have put in a phone call to them to find a referral for the Seattle area. (Another reason to have met you for without having done so, I would never have even thought that there WAS such an organization!)
Anyhow, thank you for your work, for your book, for your insights, and for your willingness to stand in your own integrity and to do what you are called to do. You have both impacted our lives, and made it more expansive and conscious by doing so.
With warm regards,

Thank you so much.  The thing about my father caught me a little off guard that Dennis could be so accurate.
MFB note:  This was a note from another psychic in a chat auditorium where Dennis & Alice were on-line guests and did readings for those present.

I want to thank you so very much for your time yesterday…you came through for me, and I thank you for your comfort.  The last couple of months have been extremely difficult for me, and you helped me find so much peace and understanding.  I thank you.
I am dealing with many who do not understand my speaking with you, those who want to say this is something you 'should leave alone', or 'he is just reading your mind'.  I just wanted you to know that now that I reflect upon the reading, I have more questions and I will call upon you again.
Thank you.
Deb in Missouri

I just wanted to give you my thanks again…that day I came to see you (April, 2000) really was a turning point to me in my life.  I had just gotten out of a 8-year relationship, I was down, depressed and basically out of money, almost out of a job, hanging in on my last string.  [My friend] told me about you two and that I would need $100 for a reading. That's about what I had in my checking account. I was not sure if I should since I am now a single mom with a big mortgage. But I thought, "what the hell, why not?".
Dennis, you made a great statement to me.  You said "sometimes people move into our partner's life to move them out of yours, so you are free to move to the next level." Dennis, how wonderful and positive this statement is! I saw a positive light to my big mess! I was afraid before, not being able to cope with my obligations, but you gave me strength.
The next day when I awoke, the sun was shining once again. Like a miracle, I had strength to face whatever was coming at me. I threw out my medication from the doctor for depression, I went to work and fought for my rights, I put an ad in the paper for a roommate, and most of all I began living again. My roommate became my friend and now my partner in life. When I look back I can laugh now, but you were so right! Things do happen for a reason, so I will try to always remember your words of wisdom!
Thank you Dennis and Alice, you helped me so much, I just wanted to share this with the two of you. Hope to see you on your next visit.
C.R. in Virginia

"I just wanted to say that I just got the tapes in the mail and listened to them again and I thank you for the readings. They were very good and you were very kind and loving and patient with me.
…the readings comforted me and shed a lot of important light on the situation. I feel stronger from going through my own internal 'onion-peeling' and I am OK with letting the whole thing go now.
I wish you continued success and happiness in every aspect of your life. I may want another reading in a few months time regarding my work. I will call/email again to set up an appointment. So I hope we connect soon. Many thanks to Ho for his love and guidance, and love to Alice, too.
Take good care and God bless."

I was wondering if I could buy that Angel/Fish picture from my reading. Ever since our reading I've been thinking about it, can't really get it off my mind.  It's gorgeous. What came through in my reading brought me a lot of inner peace and validation. I notice I'm not as stressed, too. Thank you.
Jessica Johnsen
Seattle (2002)
MFB Note: All Intuitive Spirit Art drawn during readings are now included at no additional cost.
I had a reading from you more than 2 years ago, and although at the time, I never thought they would, things that were told to me then have since come true. I now refer back to that reading to get clear of what is ahead for me.
New Bedford, MA

I thank you, Dennis. I love listening to my tape and I derive so much comfort from knowing that I am on the right track and it is not because I want to believe so badly, but because it is."
MFB: Colleen's full story will be featured in our book, Life is an Illusion ~ Loving Messages From Beyond®