About Dennis and Alice


Dennis and Alice are twin souls who were reunited in this lifetime in 1996, and immediately recognized each other from past lives. After 10 years together, they were married in August 2006, and are considered experts on the subject of twin souls and relationship issues.

When not traveling around the country, Dennis and Alice live in the Greater Seattle area in Washington State.

They are authors of the books, Together Again: Twin Souls Reunite in Love and Life and the upcoming Life is an Illusion: Loving Messages from Beyond. Maintaining a five-star rating on Amazon.com and bn.com,Together Againhas been endorsed by best selling authors, Larry King, James Redfield, and Alan Cohen.

Their Messages from Beyond® Spirit Circles and Tele-Circles have helped hundreds of people gain comfort and knowledge with messages from loved ones on the Other Side. Dennis and Alice travel around the U.S., and present classes and workshops on relationships, spirituality, dream analysis, and psychic development. As twin soul spiritual mediums, Dennis and Alice find it rewarding to work with people and assist them in tapping into their own natural psychic abilities, giving them the tools to recognize and solve their own issues, thus enabling participants to regain control and power over their own lives. Learn from this incredible couple as they share with you the insight and messages that are passed through them to you from the Other Side.

Dennis & Alice have appeared as featured guests on over 100 television and radio shows, including segments on Access Hollywood. They have headlined in Las Vegas, and host their own radio show, Messages From Beyond® on www.BlogTalkRadio.com/messagesfrombeyond. Archives of all their past radio shows, including their five years on AchieveRadio.com and their current BlogTalkRadio show, can be downloaded for free on iTunes. Just go to iTunes and search Messages From Beyond®. They have produced a variety of meditation CD’s which are available through www.amazon.com

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