Together Again ~ Twin Souls Reunite in Love and Life

This is a true story of twin souls meeting and recognizing each other from past lives.
Section 1 "Dennis" details Dennis' journey to discovering his psychic ability.
Section 2 "Alice" emotionally describes Alice's life experiences as a young divorced mother and divorce attorney.
Section 3 "The Love" is written together by Dennis & Alice as they write about their meeting at the age of 46, and their mutual instant recognition of each other's energy and soul connection from past lives.
Their honestly told stories deal with relationship issues, twin soul connections, and is a guide-book on recognizing your own twin soul. Dennis & Alice write from their hearts and it shows on each page. You will feel you know them personally and consider them friends by the time you get to their combined section, aptly titled The Love. Readers often call them upon finishing the book, and are pleasantly surprised to be able to speak with the authors personally. Enjoy their journey, and your own.

The following is just a sampling of the book reviews received since the book's first printing in 1999. Dennis and Alice love hearing from their readers, and welcome your comments. More reviews can be seen on Amazon.com and bn.com
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A reader from... Kirkland, WA
"A Special blend of Desire, Truth, Adventure, Love, and Bliss "
This book was truly exceptional. It was unique in that they each shared their own chapters on their own lives before merging together to share chapters of their unique love story. I felt as if I were on a magical carpet ride experiencing the same Desires of wanting to be with someone so much and receiving the soul truth that this person desired to be with me. This was the actual way it was for both Dennis and Alice. Their adventurous ways of starting slow with getting to know one another in a fun-filled flirty fashion to totally changing their lifestyles to ride cross country together to live in the same state made me want to cheer them on from the sidelines. To feel the Universal guidance throughout the book that brought them to meet and fall in Love made me feel so much more confident in allowing this same guidance to guide me to my true Love. I sighed many times in happiness as their love grew stronger and stronger and they settled into a brand new blissful world. I had sent the book to two other friends who too loved the book and felt it was very hard book put down. I plan to read it again and again and am eagerly waiting on the next one. I feel privileged having gotten to know them in person and just strive off their positive energy and love for one another.
Kersten C... Sitka, Alaska
"Twin Soul Journeys"
A good friend of mine loaned me this wonderful book after I purchased a few of the meditation CDs recorded by Dennis. I haven't met Dennis or Alice, but you can't help but feel a connection with these wonderful people after reading this book! :) They are very warm and open writers who have an inspiring love story to share. This book is for anyone who can relate to having a twin soul connection with a partner, or anyone searching for their twin soul. I am eagerly waiting for their next book to find out how they ended up back in Seattle after their move to Florida. I would love to see these authors put together a book of their poetry and a book on past life regression. Great read! :)
Karen....Medford, NY
"...touched me deeply."
This is the kind of book you can't put down. It is a beautiful story of love and also a book that has so many answers. It taught me and touched me deeply. The way the story is written: first Dennis' story, then Alice, was terrific....then the way they both wrote the last section together was heartwarming. They are both so open and honest in their writings. I felt like they were close friends when I was finished the book. I highly recommend this book to the romantics of the world and also for people who have an interest or curiousity in twin souls and past lives. A must read!!
Heather Hummel, author….Virginia
"Wonderful story and explanation of twin souls"
There aren't too many books available on Twin Souls/Flames, and Dennis and Alice Jackson have captured this niche with their book Together Again. I love how they wrote the book in the trinity of his/hers/ours. Dennis tells his back story with raw honesty and integrity, followed by Alice's account of her life as it leads up to meeting her twin soul (aka Dennis). The "ours" section blends both of their points of views as to how they met and the instant knowing that they had found their twin soul.

Written as though you're sitting in their living room and they're retelling their love story to you, the emotions and warmth that come through about them and to the reader is captivating and endearing. The reader learns how to recognize if they've met their twin soul-what it feels like and the all-knowing that it is. It's affirming and quite simply put-You Know!

The relationships that Dennis develops on his psychic/medium path add even more depth and understanding to his story. Alice's role as "seeker" of spiritual information is one that many will relate to, and Together they remind us that we will find love Again!


from a review on Amazon.com

The moment I was introduced to "Twin Souls" I was introduced to Dennis and Alice. I have researched and followed them on many different links. I had to get their book! It was one of those you don't want to put down. I felt as if I were with them, along for the ride so to speak. I felt a deep connection with them and each of their journey's. At times I would say to myself I have had that experience, or I have felt that before with my twin soul. It has made me focus more on "naked time" feeling the energy run through my body and connecting my soul even more with my twin. Even just a kiss gives us that connection.

This book is an eye opener, it helps you to believe that there is hope and that not only sooner but later you will have the love and peace your heart truly desires. It shows you that our life's journey isn't always an easy one that you may not always be just where you want to be but you will get there with faith, guidance, hope and love. I love how they opened up about their past relationship, how Dennis lived in a motor home for many [months], how he struggled but had faith that there was more out there for him!! That is true faith! I love how Alice spent her days helping others heal through her law firm, putting them first until she began to love herself.

THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL AND INSPIRING BOOK ON ALL LEVELS!! I have already loaned it to a friend that is in need of inspiration and this is the book that will give that to her. Together Again will guide you if you are lost, inspire you if you feel you can't find love, confirm that with faith there is always a way and that with love anything is possible as long as you continue to follow your hearts desire.

Thank You to the Authors Dennis and Alice Jackson for sharing their inspiring journey with us. May all who read this be as inspired as I have been and may your journey be filled with love and peace.
Sherry... Washington
"The Faith and Love"
I must say I have this feeling that I should learn more about what you and Alice talk about in your book...which I can't put down. Some of the things you write about really have me on a search to learn more. I'm not really sure why...but I know it will come to me. Again thank you so much for your enlightenment...it has really helped me focus on more important things such as FAITH AND LOVE. You've truly made a difference in how I am beginning to look at my life…even knowing there's still much for me to do. Thanks again.
Colleen… Virginia
Your book is about "LOVE"
Dear Alice and Dennis, I picked up your book this afternoon, sat in the sun, and truly enjoyed my very first day of retirement! I learned so much about me. I can really identify with you, Alice, some parts made me laugh, some made me cry, but always made me ask questions about my own experiences. After meeting you both in person, and then peeking into the private you, I feel so blessed to have you in my life. I started reading CWG and it got so heavy but reading Together Again put so much in perspective. Your book is about LOVE. I would recommend it to everyone.
That "Naked Place"
After reading just about ALL and any books or material even videos out there I think, that even slightly relates to or resembles Twin Souls and/or soul mates and always having an affinity to the concept for as long as I can remember, I can tell you firsthand that this was one of the best written, true to life, no holds barred and no beats skipped story of two true Twin Souls. The journey that it takes to "getting there", to be with the other half of yourself, the trials, the pain, the lessons and then the "Gift", Dennis and Alice hold nothing back in this story. Another one of those "can't put down" books, I read it in 1 and a half days time. Reading their story reminded me of Kenny and Julia Loggins story from their book titled "The Unimaginable Life" another story of true twin souls, I would have to say that these 2 books, out of all of them, run nose to nose, in truth, honesty, and might I mention..that "Naked Place" that Alice and Dennis speak of in their book.For all who know and have belief, hope & faith in meeting up with your twin in this life, I highly recommend this book. It's one that will teach you that giving up that hope and not working on YOURSELF and learning to love yourself and others unconditionally, is not ever an option, not when spirit is working in your life. :-) It's all about letting go and letting God. Thumbs up to the authors! A PERFECT description of what a Twin Soul relationship is, should be and feels like.
Stephanie from Great Falls, Montana
"An Inspiring Love Story"
Was drawn to the book while browsing. After starting to read, I couldn't put it down. A definite must have for those who love to hear about people finding their "twin souls". Reading through the pages of Dennis and Alice's life up until they met was very inspiring. It gives hope to those of us who are still "waiting".
Also a great general read on following intuitions and life's path. This book gives so many confirmations for when you're feeling as if you're the only one with thoughts of "I'm meant for something more" and "There has got to be someone out there for me". Beautifully written,
I loved how Dennis starts out with his life story, then Alice tells her life story and they both come together in the last chapter together taking turns talking about their perceptions of the "meeting" and time spent together. Thank you for sharing Dennis and Alice.
Brenda from Willamsburg, VA
"Must Read"
Together Again is a "must read" for anyone who has ever wondered.."what if we only get one soul mate". Having had a relationship that was almost "eerily" similar, I can say the words in this book were truly spoken with their hearts. I have since been blessed to meet the authors and have never met two more spiritual souls who had the courage to follow their "paths" to each other. I can't wait for the next book! Don't make us wait too long!!
Debra from Snohomish, WA.
"An Amazing Journey to Take!"
Having been an avid reader for thirty five of my thirty nine years, I can wholeheartedly recommend this book for anyone wanting to partake in a journey of the mystical, the spiritual, the heart. I could not put this book down until I had absorbed it, in it's entirety, and allowed the many lessons within to enlighten my intellect. I laughed, I cried and I felt as if I were right there beside both authors as they journeyed their way into each other's hearts. The decidedly unique style with which this book was written was a pure joy to experience and I thank the author's from the bottom of my heart for having the courage to share so much of themselves so as to touch us all with the beauty of their brilliant love.
Kathleen Schramm, from Bay Area, CA
"Uplifting book, filled with love and anticipation"
A story masterfully woven by Dennis and Alice who reveal their lifetime journey to love's horizon. A love that is usually reserved for fairy tales and movies becomes a reality for the authors. This book is filled with intimate moments of hearts seeking one another, discovering that special bond that only Twin Souls can share. You can almost hear their hearts beat and their breathing as they take each step, drawing them closer to a reunion.

Kristen M. from Melbourne Beach, FL
"The best love story this millenium!"
In this chronicle of Dennis and Alice's lifetime journey to perfect love, the reader almost feels like they are intruding on something too personal. Relating their stories of making their love connection in past lifetimes(not as lovers) and finally finding one another in this lifetime as twin souls, will touch the hearts of many, skeptics and believers alike. This is a text book for learning how to prepare for, and recognize your true twin soul. By sharing their own personal journey through the various layers of joy and heartache in their lives, Dennis and Alice's true gift to the reader is explaining the difference between a soul mate and a twin soul, leaving the reader with an unquenchable desire to embark on their own journey for perfect love.
Vicki Lawrence from Miami Beach, FL
This book makes the "impossible" seem possible.
I thoroughly enjoyed Together Again"the first time I read it. The second time I read this book, it only reinforced my belief that there is "something" much stronger than I that controls the forces of our universe. The unique style in which Dennis and Alice tell their story is not only refreshing, but taps into the very essence of making the "impossible" possible. This book made me aware of my own stumbling blocks and ill perceived obstacles in my life. Upon completion of Together Again after the second reading, an internal shift occurred and has now propelled me to change my own destiny, without the usual fear of the unknown. This book is a definite read.
David….Miami, FL

In 2000, I was drawn to the back of a bookstore in Miami, FL, where I met Dennis Jackson and Alice Best for the first time! I was oblivious to the spiritual journey I was to embark upon by purchasing their book...I was 15 years old. Their story and personal journey mirrored in Together Again, inspired me to seek my personal connection to the Universe - it's never been the same since!

In 2004, I had the pleasure of receiving a phenomenal psychic reading by Dennis and Alice which directed me to the path that brings me the most joy! I read many of the books they mentioned in their book and gained insights that helped in some seemingly dark times. I have nothing but appreciation for these two courageous and beautiful people...their book is truly an offspring of Love!
I'll never forget what they wrote inside the cover for me..."Enjoy the Journey"! And I am!


Paula….Sydney, Australia

This is one of those books that you just can't put down. I loved every minute of it! Having met my own Twin Soul, I could relate to Dennis & Alice's story quite well. You can feel the beautiful energy of these two coming from the book. It is very well written & was easy to read & definitely kept my interest from word to word. They have written it so that you feel you are actually right there with you looking on as an observer. I highly recommend this book to everyone! I can't wait until their next book comes out. It will be interesting to see how their everyday life is now that they are together. Thanks Dennis & Alice for sharing your lovely story!

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