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Welcome to our world of Imagery, featuring Intuitive Art by Ali.

Imagination contains images. Images are within the pages of this book

What do you see? What does each image say to you?

The drawings featured in our Messages From Beyond® Adult Coloring Book series are all hand-drawn originals created specifically to help you get in touch with your innate intuitive ability. The abstract designs will allow your imagination and creativity to flow.

We call our series “Imagery From Beyond” because your imagination is being channeled by your higher self, allowing your soul to speak to you. To some people, this is just a coloring book…a fun way to relieve stress and relax after a hectic day. To many others, this may become your tool to facilitate communication with loved ones who are sending you messages in the form of Imagery From Beyond.

As you flip through the pages, you may be drawn to a specific image…that is the place to start. Many people color the same design, each coming up with different patterns, images, and emotions. Each design is duplicated in shaded form on its successive page, along with a positive affirmation you will enjoy coloring.

You, as the colorist, choose to create any design your mind can imagine. Let your imagination and creativity soar as you color and create your own images within these pages. There is no right or wrong way to view the page…you may turn the book any way you desire…the possibilities are endless, as are the designs as you fill in the blank spaces. You will begin to see various images while creating your own personal piece of art that speaks to you, and is suitable for framing.

For best results, the preferred tools for coloring are colored pencils, crayons, gel pens, and ultra-fine-point markers. If using markers, we suggest that you place a protective page behind the drawing you’re coloring to prevent bleed-through colors.

Many people have told us, when coloring the images, they are taken to a place where healing can begin. The therapeutic benefits of coloring, along with the personal meaning you assign to your finished pages, may bring you healing and comfort as well.

Thank you for choosing our book to be a part of your creative process.
Are you ready to get in touch with your inner child?

May peace be with you always…all ways!

Dennis and Alice

Watch for the soon to be published second book, Life is an Illusion ~ Loving Messages From Beyond®.

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